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Player Expectations

Illinois Magic FC expects all players to follow the club code of conduct and guidelines. As an Illinois Magic FC player, you agree to;

  • Represent Illinois Magic FC with the highest degree of honesty, commitment and professionalism both on and off the soccer field. 

  • Respect the game, coaches, players, officials, and parents at all times. 

  • Encourage and help your teammates and other Illinois Magic FC players during practices, games, and events. 

  • Be at all trainings, games, and events and always be on time. Make sure you have the proper attire, bring your soccer ball (properly pumped up and name on it), water, and shin guards.

  • During trainings and games, always play fair and within the laws of the game for preventing soccer-related injuries. 

  • Be dedicated to Illinois Magic FC and the game of soccer. 

  • Communicate with your parents and Illinois Magic FC coaches about any questions and/or concerns you have regarding your team, performance, development, and goals. 

  • Play soccer with passion, determination, and within the spirit of the game. Create love for the game and learn lessons for life and make new friends playing with the Illinois Magic FC soccer family. 

  • I will not use alcohol, tobacco products, or illegal drugs of any kind during Club events.

  • I will respect all decisions regarding player placement made by the Club's coaches and staff members

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